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Tire Alignment Necessary

tire alignment necessary

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Short Trips Only.

Short Trips Only.

I must only make short trips on my motor car until I can replaced at least my two front tires and then get a front end alignment.

It was feeling a little odd driving the last few days so I took it to the shop for a checkup. As I thought, the tire is damaged from uneven wear.

I'm ready to put on the spare until later Monday night if necessary. Hopefully I won't have to do that.

New tires

New tires

Since hitting 30,000 miles, it seems like I've had a lot of car
expenses, weird huh? I got these today, with all the balancing and
alignments necessary. They're warranteed for 60,000 miles, so if I wear
them out before then I get some money back. Since I have been putting
around 1,000 miles a month on my car, these may last another 5 years.
That just sounds crazy to me.

tire alignment necessary

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