Horse Trailer Tire Covers

horse trailer tire covers

    horse trailer
  • (Horse Trailers) “Hey, Bill. Yeah, I wanna show you these new studs I’ve got. No, no, no. You just stay where you are. I’m gonna put them in this big metal thing I can pull with my truck.”

  • A horse trailer or horse van (also called a horse float in Australia and New Zealand or horse box in the British Isles) is used to transport horses.

  • Expensive movable urinal for horses. (and occasionally riders)

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horse trailer tire covers - Sunface Spare

Sunface Spare Tire Cover

Sunface Spare Tire Cover

Choose from our large selection of Horses, Dolphins, Eagles and MORE! All spare tire covers are made from rugged marine grade vinyl and double stitched with heavy duty upholstery thread. All tire covers come with a one year warranty All our spare tire covers are secured by a 90 test pound rope that is sewn in and can be pulled tightly and tied to install the tire cover. Once the tire cover is installed it can be secured by placing a small lock or wire tie through the wheel covers locking grommets

89% (17)

Horse Trailer

Horse Trailer

My horse trailer on main street. We were hauling 2 of the horses up to the sheep dog trials fields for opening ceremonies of the sheep trials. I'm usually requested by the board to be out there for opening ceremonies to keep the sheep in one area of the field before putting them in special holding areas. The herd is usually a couple hundred. It takes 2 of us on horseback, plus 3 k-9 handlers & 6 border collies to keep everything in line. You can't see my truck, but I was driving the little truck, and this is our smallest horse trailer.

Horse Trailer

Horse Trailer

This is our horse trailer. Daniel made the rack on top where we carry metal corral panels. I love the dressing room.

The horse compartment is so narrow, we had to turn it into a one-horse trailer, but since we only take the one horse to rides, it works. For short trips (like to the vet), I squeeze both horses into the trailer by removing the divider.

horse trailer tire covers

horse trailer tire covers

Guardians Of The Night Spare Tire Cover

All covers come with a one year warranty and are made from scrim vinyl and black marine grade vinyl. Marine grade vinyl is the same stuff used to make boat seats, And the scrim vinyl is even stronger than the marine grade vinyl. The black marine grade vinyl is used to cover the tread of the tire and the scrim vinyl is printed on using uv resistant ink. Since the cover is secured with a 90 test pound rope instead of elastic cord it can be pulled as tightly as needed to obtain the desired fit. Most other places make you pick your tire size from a chart that only offers 5 or 6 standard sizes. These sizes increase by 2 inch intervals and often stop at 30 inches. This means chances are you will receive a loose fitting cover that is to big for the tire. We make each cover here in our shop to fit the size of the tire it is going on. We can make a cover for any size tire.

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